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ABC with journey Acc responsibility

Gender Nữ
Date of birth 10:20 - 20/11-2000
Personality Người cân bằng
Main number 5
Personality Người cân bằng
Personality strengths
Personality weaknesses
Positive Energy Nhóm trách nhiệm
Hình ảnh quán tưởng Chim đại bàng
Động lực/Ham muốn Sự công băng/Tự do
Năng lực Nhóm trách nhiệm
Life journey Trách nhiệm
Peak 32t Kết nối
Peak 55t Kết nối
Peak 66t Kết nối
Peak 55t Kết nối
#25th of July 2024 04:32:52 PM | Kabastro EGO chart of ABC
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The Kabastro EGO chart is developed based on the analytical foundations of astrology and numerology.

Kabastro EGO defines the principal stars in the Chinese Astrology chart and their corresponding personalities as follows:


Zi Wei (Tử Vi) The Leader
Tian Fu (Thiên Phủ) The Balancer
Qi Sha (Thất Sát) The Executor
Tai Yin (Thái Âm) The Caregiver
Tian Ji (Thiên Cơ) The Strategist
Po Jun (Phá Quân) The Revolutionary
Tian Xiang (Thiên Tướng) The Creator
Lian Zhen (Liêm Trinh) The Disciplinarian
Ju Men (Cự Môn) The Communicator
Tai Yang (Thái Dương) The Idealist
Tan Lang (Tham Lang) The Diplomat
Tian Liang (Thiên Lương) The Sharer
Tian Tong (Thiên Đồng) The Joyful
Wu Qu (Vũ Khúc) The Rationalist

Kabastro EGO defines the Life Path Number in Numerology with the Life Journey as follows:

Life Path Number

1 Leadership
2 Connection
3 Inspiration
4 Responsibility
5 Creativity
6 Love
7 Wisdom
8 Business
9 Humanitarianism
11 Vision and Connection
22 Balance and Discipline
33 Love and Enlightenment



Chinese Astrology Astrology is very useful in understanding oneself, changing oneself to change the surrounding life.

Helps you Understand Yourself by eliminating ego and limiting desires.

Numerology Numerology is very useful in exploring life choices, simple and full of positivity. Finding the Meaning of Life through peaks and challenges in life.
Kabastro Philosophy The foundation of Kabastro Philosophy is based on the understanding that all suffering in life stems from greed and ego. Aiming towards realizing and being content with what one has, thereby creating peace and harmony in the soul and life. This is True Happiness.

True Happiness

Kabastro EGO helps you understand yourself, thereby discovering true happiness and living a meaningful life.

How was Kabastro EGO developed?

  1. To help you answer the question "Who am I?" as well as many other questions about yourself, the Kabastro EGO report provides practical analyses and advice. This report is built on the philosophy of Kabastro, as well as Eastern and Western predictive systems. This is an opportunity for you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, thereby making steady progress in self-improvement.
  2. The report is divided into three main parts:

    1. Understanding Yourself: This is the foundation that helps you make better decisions and set goals in your life.
    2. True Happiness: When you understand what is important to you, the process of finding happiness becomes simpler.
    3. Life’s Meaning: Life’s meaning not only comes from what you do but also from understanding what you want and need.

    We believe that Kabastro EGO will be a reliable companion in your journey of self-discovery and development. Let's start this journey—a journey that can change your life.

3 stages

Throughout the content of the Kabastro EGO report, you will embark on an exciting journey, starting with Understanding Yourself, then realizing True Happiness, and finally seeking the Meaning of Life:

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